Business Programs

Business Programs

■Programs and Services

– Translation and Interpretation –
OOPS provides various kinds of translation and interpretation services in several languages by native speakers, including simultaneous interpretation and translation of medical treatises.

– Services for Conferences, Seminars and Conventions –
Kyoto hosts many conferences, seminars, and conventions every year. For those wanting to hold such events in Kyoto, OOPS can provide planning and preparation assistance as well as support services throughout the duration of the event, including bilingual staff and simultaneous translation.

– Business Services –
Executive Assistant.
This service is designed for business executives who are unfamiliar with Japan and need assistance in traveling and conducting business during their stay. An Executive Assistant will meet and accompany the client to his or her various destinations. If necessary, this Executive Assistant can also translate documents and act as a bilingual secretary and personal translator.

– Individual Programs –
In addition to all theses specific programs and services, OOPS can design individual programs that combine some its services to suit clients individual needs. For example, with the increasing interest and need for people from other countries to know more about Japan, companies and business executives have asked us to design programs combining survival and cultural skills training with homestays.

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