Contact Lenses for Experimental Animals

Contact Lenses for Experimental Animals


– Material –
PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate)

– Standard Dimensions –
For Rat
BC:2.75mm, Size:5.0mm ~, Power:±0.0D ~ ±20.0D, CT:0.25mm

For Mouse
BC:1.65mm, Size:2.5mm ~, Power:±0.0D ~ ±20.0D, CT:0.25mm

– Non-standard Dimensions –
Less than 1.65mm in BC is not available.
Size is from about 2.5mm to about 15mm if BC is more than 2.75mm.

-BC means Base Curve which shows the curvature radius out the surface.
-Size shows the diameter of the lens.
-CT means Center Thickness which shows the center thickness of the lens.

■Price and Information

– Price –

Unit price: 15,500JPY + tax
Minimum order quantity: 10 lenses
Additional cost: We also provide customized lenses with additional 20-30%.

– Other Information –

Shipping cost: Shown on the invoice
Shipping method: Express Mail Service (EMS)
Delivery time: About 1 month after the payment has been confirmed
(Delivery time may vary depending on the order quantity, destination and some other reasons.)
Payment method: Wire transfer (Please refer to the invoice.)

– For Wire Transfer –

Bank name: MUFG Bank, Ltd.
*If the bank code is required, enter 0005.
*If eleven digits are required, add XXX to the end.
Branch name: Tenma branch
Recipient’s account number: 0278362
Recipient’s name: OOPS, Inc.

■Quotation Request and Order Form

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