Other Programs and Services

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Other Programs and Services

– Cultural Programs –
These programs focus on aspects of Japanese history and culture with respect to the Kyoto/Osaka area and western Japan. OOPS designs a personalized program for those who have an interest in a particular aspect of Japanese history or culture, such as “The Way of Tea,” Japanese politics, or the historical significance of some of the sights in Kyoto and western Japan. OOPS also has programs that give a representative view of the Kyoto/Osaka region for visitors who are unfamiliar with this part of Japan.

– Sightseeing –
OOPS offers individual and small group tours of Kyoto and western Japan with a knowledgeable, English speaking guide. OOPS can also design the sightseeing agenda to reflect the particular interests of the participants or can provide a representative tour of places of interest. Further, OOPS can arrange entrance into special places, such as automobile plants or cultural facilities, not usually open to the general public.

– Homestay Programs for Executives –
Participants in the Homestay Program live with Japanese families and experience the Japanese life style in a typical, day-to-day setting. OOPS has designed specific programs for business executives and students staying in the Kyoto/Osaka area. OOPS has several different homestay programs for professionals, which allow them to see first-hand how the average family lives in Japan. All homestay programs include stays with congenial families, counseling, interpretation services, and cultural orientation. In addition, OOPS monitors the participant in order to help smooth over any language and cultural problems, should the need arise.

– Language Training –
OOPS maintains a staff of qualified instructors and offers both English and Japanese language lessons on a private, semi-private, or group basis.

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